About Us


At Rustcontrol Chemical Corporation, people make the difference. Our chemicals are seasoned professional who hold technologies in their field. From them research is an everday activity as they design products to meet customer needs. 

We specialized in chemical products for metallic surface treatment and protection from RUST & CORROSION. And provide quality chemicals at fair price and back them with dependable service and continuous research. 

Ruscontrol chemical corporation continues to grow by helping job shops and captives resolve coating problems with environmentally compatible coatings. We also monitor our performance and encourage customer input to assure your complete satisfaction and our continous improvement.

Let us help you solve your RUST & CORROSION problems.

We are the manufacturers and suppliers of phosphating and pre-treatment chemicals. We also have a wide range of packing oils, anti-rust coatings, rust preventers, etc. We have a wide range of surface cleaning and coating chemicals for ferrus metals and non ferrus metals.

Some of our products are: -
“Degreasing Chemicals , Rust & scale removers, Phosphating Coatings, Passivation. ,Iron  Phosphating, Rust Converter, Heat Treatment Salts, Tempering Salts, Powder and Paint  Removers,  Rust Preventive Coatings, Chromatizing.”


Pre-treatment process recomended for ferrus metals and non ferrus
metals. We offer complete range of pre-treatment chemicals for
corrosion resistance and better wet and dry paint or rubber bondings
on ferrus metals.
The phosphating coatings we offer are: -
•       Zinc Phosphating and its modified versions.
•       Iron Phosphating.
•       Nano Coatings.
We also have complete range of Blackening Chemicals, Blackening salts,